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Mandeep Sajwan
He loves exploring the world, which, considering where you’re reading this, makes perfect sense. He likes Indian History, Cultures, Defence, and being an Indian

A last-ditch effort was made to save India’s longest-serving warship after a Mumbai-based company, named Envitech Marine Consultants Pvt Limited, had come forward to convert the ship into a maritime museum that will be docked in the Zuari river in Goa. A large portion of the carrier has already been dismantled when the order to stop work for now came today.

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• The centaur-class aircraft carrier was in service with the Indian Navy for 29 years before being decommissioned in March 2017.

  • The aircraft carrier was originally commissioned by the British Royal Navy as HMS Heremes…

William Shakespeare was a noted 16th century English poet, playwright and actor. Friends, you must have heard about them in history. He is widely known as the greatest English-language writer and pre-eminent playwright in the world.

He was also called the national poet of England and was nicknamed “Bard of Avon”. He wrote about 38 plays, 154 snatches, 2 long story poems and some other verses, some of which are authored indefinitely.

His plays have been translated into every language, and his plays have been performed more often than any other playwright and are still being performed today. People have…

Mandeep Sajwan

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